Corsets – Asian Cruelty – MY CANE HAS NO MERCY REDUX – Goddess Inari-Kai

Asian Cruelty  MY CANE HAS NO MERCY REDUX   Goddess InariKai  preview

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The incomparable Inari Kai is among the most beautiful and sadistic Dominas we have ever had the privilege of working with. And this clip is one of our all time top sellers. In homage to the Goddess, we have decided to re-release this clip with all new never before seen footage. You have got to see this magnificent Goddess at her best.
I have strapped my slave over the stool and flaunt my shapely behind in his puffy face. He strains to get his quivering lips onto it, but I tell him, a€?Not my assa€e back of my boots.a€? Then I punish with a stiff stroke of the cane on his bare back, following with repeated swats from shoulders to butt. I have him squirming, screaming, finally bellowing: a€?Oh, God! Ohhh!a€?
I smack his reddening flesh even harder. I love a plea for mercy but give none. By a handful of his hair, I twist his head around, then hold it, face up, as I chastise his stinging backside with the long, flexible cane. I pick up the pace, pour it to him, walking round and round his shaking body and striking more times with the cane, and harder than I ever have in my life.
In Cruelty & Sadism,
Princess Inari-Kai
Features: caning, corporal punishment, Asian, latex fetish, BDSM, female domination, goddess worship, humiliation, bondage