Cuckolding – Princess Amber starring in video ‘Cuckold Affirmations’ of ‘THE MEAN GIRLS’ studio

Princess Amber starring in video Cuckold Affirmations of THE MEAN GIRLS studio preview

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Every day I make my rich, fat husband recite out loud his “cuckold affirmations”. It’s kind of like a “pledge of allegiance”- to ME! I want him sooo indoctrinated that he is completely under my control in this marriage. It’s always so hard to explain to my new friends the structure of our relationship…but its very simple: My pleasure is everything, his his pleasure means nothing.
I even make him wear a chastity device so I have COMPLETE control of his orgasms…so I make sure he can only masturbate to the thought of me having sex with other men! And once you have your husband in chastity…you can make him accept anything! Especially with the right brainwashing techniques!
So I have him repeat his affirmations over & over to cement into his little brain that he is a CUCK- and nothing more.
Watch the clip to see exactly what messages I drill into his brain about my having multiple boyfriends while BEVER napping with my own husband….