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Posted: November 4, 2020

Alix Lynx starring in video Virgin Cuckold Husband of Humiliation POV studio  preview

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As you must know by now, I’m a porn star, and I have a lot of sex both on and off camera. And it’s only with hot sexy, hung men that know how to satisfy a body like mine. My only complaint is that while they can get me off like no other in bed, they’re kinda lacking in mental stimulation and there isn’t much chemistry outside of the bedroom. They’ve got huge cocks but not huge brains or hearts unfortunately. So here’s what I need, a husband, but not just any husband, a cuck husband. But more specifically, a virgin cuck husband. That’s exactly what I want.
Now you might be wondering why I would want a virgin cuck husband. Well let me tell you. First of all, virgin cucks are usually very loving and adoring because they could never get a woman like me any other way, so they spend all of their time, attention and money on me. But the most important reason is that I want someone who doesn’t know what it’s like to have sex at all. Then they won’t know what they’re missing out and it will just be easier for both of us. And since he won’t be having sex with me, he’ll be able to focus on my other needs. And I think that you actually might be the perfect candidate.
It would be so great, I mean we can talk, and you can buy me gifts and dote all over me. I need a man like that. And they’ll never be any sexual tension because you’ll know that a girl like me would never fuck a virgin cuck like you. I might show you my tits every once in awhile and let you jerk off to them, if you spoil me and treat me right. Isn’t that nice of me? I mean just because we don’t fuck doesn’t mean we still can’t do things. Like I can let you jerkoff at the foot of our bed if you want to while you worship my unattainable body. And I can lock your cock up and make you super horny while you watch me fuck other men in our bed! LOL! I think that sounds like so much fun!
And you can spoil me and buy me a house and a car and I can just talk to you all night long lol! We can talk and talk and talk lol! We can even go on dates. Wouldn’t being seen with me in public just be so amazing for you? But our dates will always end the same way. I’ll call another man and have him pick me up from our dates and take me home and fuck my brains out. Or better yet, you can drop me off because you’re my husband and you want me to be happy! And then when we’re done you can pick me up, how perfect! I’d be so lucky to have a husband like you. And maybe if you’re really good to me, I mean really good, I might even let you watch. I mean wouldn’t it be so hot to see your super hot wife being fucked and pleased in ways you never could? But you have to sit in the corner and stay really quiet, lol.
And since you’re a virgin I know you have needs to, I might even let you jerkoff in your little corner. You’ll get your needs met while I get mine met. I think this sounds like such a perfect arrangement. Virgins make such good cuckold husbands. It would be so much better than marrying a cuck who’s had sex, then they would want it and that would be so annoying. I’d hate to have some pathetic whimpering husband who begged for sex he would never get. Virgins are just so much easier to deal with. And you’d be to be married to a porn star and that would make you the luckiest cuck in the world. I’m serious, really, if you’re a virgin cuck, and you’re rich, send me an email, lol.


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