Multiple Girls – Sage and Nova starring in video ‘Ramon’s School Days’ of ‘Ramon’s Facefull of Feet’ studio

Sage and Nova starring in video Ramons School Days of Ramons Facefull of Feet studio preview

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Sage and Nova are ready to go to school and once again Sage’s Uncle Ramon is to lazy to get up and take them, attempting to get him up and moving Sage sits on top of him and smacks him in the face with her feet as her friend Nova quickly joins her sitting across from her doing the same.
Ramon is a level 10 on the lazy scale so smacking him in the face with their feet is just not gonna cut it they need to be more aggressive with their tactics so Nova sits on his face because he cant rest if he cant breathe right??? WRONG!!! Ramon is still very much comfortable and he’s just waiting for the girls to get tired and give up so he can rest peacfully once again.
Auntie LuLu having baby sat the girls the night before was awaken by all the commotion in the front room and came to see what was going on when she discovered the girls were still at home and not at school where they were suppose to be, Sage and Nova explained to LuLu that Ramon was suppose to take them to school but he wouldn’t get up! LuLu hates when her beauty rest is interrupted so she charges forward in an angry rage and drops down on Ramon’s chest like his ribs had springs attached to them!!! Annoyed with his stupid voice LuLu quickly covers his mouth with her feet in hopes to get at least a moment of peace, Dottie was getting ready for work a few feet away an couldn’t help but to come see what was going on in the front room so early in the morning when she discovered Sage and Nova still at home and not at school!!
It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out Ramon didn’t take the girls to school Dottie to drop them off on her way to work what a jerk!!!
Dottie didn’t want to hear anything but Ramon saying he will take the girls to school, she sits right down on Ramon’s face hoping to get him up so she wouldn’t have to inconvenience her self yet again!!!
With the weight of four people sitting on top of him Ramon is still waaaaay to lazy to get up he takes all the pain and suffering until Dottie decides she’s going to take the girls to school and deal with Ramon when she gets back, LuLu agree’s to keep him busy until Dottie get’s back but not before he gets a full on foot facial with 8 feet in his face!!! What a disgrace!!!