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Posted: March 5, 2022

Savage Soles  Andi Makes Him Vomit preview

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Andi tells her pet to “Get down on your knees.” “Open your mouth.” His mouth isn’t wide enough. Andi tilts her forehead sideways. She turns her head to the side. Now, her expression is serious as she tells the foot slave to do her job. Andi quickly realizes that her slave foot is not in the right place to do her job. He is now in pain as she stands above him and kisses his forehead with her big feet. He gags several times before she stops, covers his mouth and covers her face. Her sole and toes keep her husband’s mouth closed while she controls his breathing. She now sits down and brings her other leg into the action. She then spits her saliva into her foot slave’s mouth and presses her fingers to infuse her toes. Her pet’s retching gets more intense. Andi stands, rubs her pet’s saliva off her smooth feet, and then lifts her pet’s jacket with her toes. She walks to him sideways and lifts her leg. The sound resonates throughout all the room. Her left foot is placed on his stomach. She uses the other to continue her flinging. Andi foot gags her slave and changes her position often. He laughs at her pain. Andi kicks him repeatedly in his face, and he does something that will upset her. He is probably getting tired of his raven-haired goddess, and he becomes even more meaner. She smiles at him and wraps her feet around the neck of his neck, causing him pain. She eagerly makes him suffer beneath her feet. Andi is thrilled with the way that she presses her foot into him’s face. Andi continues to work his dirty food while he licks his lunch.


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