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Posted: May 16, 2019
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Alexis Candid Stinky Soles Part 9 preview

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–Meet Alexis– –Size 10 Feet– –19 Years Old– -Let me just start off by saying- -Man do I love this girl and her feet and if you have never bought any of my clips,You might want to start with hers. So I contacted Alexis about doing a shoot and she was very interested to do it.She had never done anything like this but knew that some guys did like feet and whatever.She instantly sent me pictures of her feet but they didn’t look great as I wanted them to.The pictures were kinda dark and grainy but I accepted her anyway.I told her to send me a picture of what she looked like but she never sent it.We set up a day and I had no idea what she looked like until she showed up on porch lol. She sent me a text saying she was outside and she was fucking stunning.My jaw was literally on the floor and I couldn’t stop starring at her.She came in wearing these golden flats and it was a super hot day.She commented on how sweaty her feet kinda were and was excited to shoot.She is only about 5’7 but wears a size 10 in most shoes.We got started and she kicked off her shoes.Her feet were so fucking big and perfect.I was shocked because her feet looking nothing like the pictures she sent.Her feet in person were a million times better.She had a great tan and her feet and soles were golden as well.You can tell her feet were sweaty and super soft.Her soles are super wrinkly,soft,wide and kinda meaty.She also has nice arches,a great complexion and Gorgeous toes and toenails.I wanted to worship every inch of her feet.These were definitely some of the best feet that I had ever seen in person. I have said many times that it is hard to focus and not get excited during shoots but this was the hardest shoot ever to stay professional and focused.This girl and her feet were so hot and she had an amazing body as well.I complimented her feet so many times and she loved that I really liked her feet.She mentioned how her moms feet are even hotter than hers.Not only were her feet insane but the way she moved them had me going wild as well.She had great natural foot movement and here complexion enhanced everything.She knew how to show off her wrinkly soles and great arches in every video. She did an amazing interview and I got a chance to smell her feet after.She had put on lotion likes she does everyday but they still had a nice natural smell.Her flats had a really nice slightly stinky smell to them tho.Her soles were so soft and clammy.I made sure to plant my face in her feet and smell right between her toes.It was a nice smell despite not being stinky.She found it funny and odd that I liked women with smelly feet.She was super cool,outgoing and had a funny personality as well.This is 1 of the few times that I had ever been jealous of a boyfriend.I was so excited seeing her feet but remained professional somehow.I would’ve definitely spent an arm and a leg for a footjob tho lol.This girl had some of the most perfect footjob giving feet,I swear.Her soles are so soft that your dick would melt in them. She is my new favorite model and her clips are definitely my new personal favorites as well.This is 1 of the hottest chicks that I have ever shot with and her feet are in my Top 5 on my clipstore.I ended up with close to 20 videos of her and I swear all of them are must buys.She wants to shoot again and feel free to let me know what videos you would like to see her do.She is knew to this and likes it. I will be adding her clips today and you will definitely want to buy these ASAP.I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


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