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Posted: September 10, 2022

Domina Planet SPIT FETISH 2022 Sissy Fuck Face Spittoon preview

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19 Year-Old Master Silvermist has enslaved and sissified the former boyfriend of Her good friend, 18 Year-Old Mistress Nova, who is 7 months pregnant, thanks to the jerk ex-boyfriend. He convinced Her to stop taking the pill and said he wanted to raise a family with Her, then abandonded Her and started insulting Her on social media, calling Her a whore. They’ve already reddened the sissy bitch’s pussy-ass with a pair of slappers, and now it’s time for stage 2. They’ve got the sissy secured on Her back, with a spider-gag in Her mouth, Master Silvermist explains to Mistress Nova:
“Now that We’ve broken this dumb cunt, it’s time to to teach Her some girl skills; like sucking cock”
She pulls out a 7 inch, pink jelly dildo and runs the shaft and head along the edge of the gag:
“Stick out your whore tongue and swirl it around the head….good bitch”
She starts jamming the dildo in and out of the open-mouth of the sissy, who is helpless to stop Her due to the gag. She starts choking and gagging as they just laugh, the sissy’s body racked with it. They finally tire of that, and replace the gag with an even more evil-looking Jennings gag. Mistress Nova puts it in the bitch’s mouth, cramming it WIDE open. Master Silvermist explains the purpose:
“You want your sissy to worship You and everything about You, including everything that comes FROM YOU and Your perfect Goddess body; Your golden nectar, sweat and…spit.”
“My spit? I love it! What do I do?”
“Just spit in the bitches mouth. You can give her a nice gooey one, and let it fall slowy so the cunt can really enjoy the suspense before she gets her treat”
Mistress Nova leans over the pried-open jaw of the sissy and makes a loud hawking sound, purses Her lips and then lets a loooong, stream of spit start to slowly spill out of Her mouth, which of course goes straight down the sissy’s throat. She does it again and again.
“Be sure to make the bitch thank You each time You spit in her mouth. If she doesn’t she MUST be punished. You can’t let this whore think for one second that she can get one over on You. Spare the rod and spoil the sissy, I always say”
Master Silvermist takes Her turn to spit in the sissy’s mouth, hawking back and letting a more bubbly looking loogey hang in the air a second and then break away, forming a big teardrop and falling into the pansy’s pried-open mouth and down her throat.
“You forgot to thank me, cunt. Then you forgot my name”
Mistress Nova gets up and standing over the sissy starts wailing on Her stomach with the flogger, giving Her long, stinging strokes that make the sissy writhe in pain, but cannot make much noise with her mouth open/
“Hey, let’s spit in the bitch’s mouth together! We’ll spit waterboard this fuckhole!”
They both lean over and start streaming long tendrils of spit directly into the sissy’s mouth, who must gulp it down like she’s drinking a cold glass of water on a hot summer day.
“Let’s just keep spitting into the cunt’s mouth until We’re dehydrated!”-says Master Slivermist.
They hawk and spit over and over until finally:
“You can use the bitch’s face for anything YOU want. She doesn’t have a cock, but You can ride one on the bitch’s face with this gag!”
Master Silvermist pulls out a double-ended penis gag and proceeds to strap it into the sissy’s mouth. Mistress Nova takes off Her soaking-wet panties to mouth the dildo, but Master Silvermist picks them up and pulls the wet and soiled crotch of the panties open:
“Put Your soiled panties over the bitch’s nose while You’re fucking her face, showing Her what she can’t have. Be sure to put the crotch part directly onto the sissy’s nose, like this”
She jams the soiled panties under the slave’s nose while Mistress Nova starts to slowly fuck the dildo, up an down.


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