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Posted: March 27, 2022

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Teenage Mistress Destiny has been teaching Her slave the basics of slave training such as foot worship or ass worship. Now, she is training Her slaves in breath control. While she is orally serving Her sacred pussy, asshole, or both, Her slaves must hold their breath for at least two minutes. The slave has been tied to his back in sensory deprivation. He is now completely helpless. The mistress is dressed in only a small black sports bra with bright red metallic boots and shorts. She explains the task of the slave: “We’re going work on your breathing control under my perfect pussy & ass slave. I need to be appreciated for what I’m doing. She slaps him on the face with Her large, beautiful, round and round stomach. This cuts off oxygen to his mouth and nose, as well as muffles any complaints. After 10 seconds, she starts to smother him. To see his reaction, she lets him go for air after that. He tells Her that it’s not a big deal. She laughs lightly. He stops breathing and She immediately reclines on top of her. She walks him through 30, 40 and 50, before telling him that he should be ready for at least one minute. His head is almost gone as She lays Her round, plump cheeks on him. Then, she yanks at his collar and leash, threatening to rip off his collar. He struggles for breath and tries desperately to find air, but She is relentless. Finally, she leaves the sobbing slave behind and walks away.


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