Foot Licking – GODDESS REA LONGEST LEGS – REA – Play Dirty – Worship My Dirty Socks! – Ankle Socks Worship And Domination

 GODDESS REA LONGEST LEGS  REA  Play Dirty  Worship My Dirty Socks  Ankle Socks Worship And Domination  preview

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After cleaning my muddy sneakers, I command my slave to remove them and I stay on my socks. They are very dirty as I removed my shoes when I was at the park and I was walking on my socks. My stupid slave complains that he washed my socks and now they are so dirty and his answer is my feet on his face! I kick and stomp his face hard and I smother him, pressing my feet in my sexy ankle socks. He has to worship my socks and lick my soles, trying to wash with his tongue. Of course is impossible, so he gets more domination. At the end, I remove my socks and put them in his mouth, using it as a sock washing machine!


Foot Licking – Bratty Foot Girls – My friends secret foot fetish – Luna Lain

 Bratty Foot Girls  My friends secret foot fetish   Luna Lain  preview

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Luna has her friend Jason over to help her study for exams. He has precariously taken up a position near her sweaty feet while she reads chapters from their class book. He can’t help but stare at her perfect size 8;s planted right in front of his face. The sweaty aroma hits his nose and keeps in his a trance. Soon Luna notices him looking at her feet and the brat takes full advantage! She asks him if he likes feet as she grips her stinky toes over his nose. he can’t resist any longer as his super bratty classmate is fully onto his little fetish. she forces him to stick out his tongue as she aggressively rubs her soles over his tongue and mouth. Luna starts to completely dominate him with her perfect peds. He makes him worship her feet, gags him and turns him into her complete foot bitch! Whilst being SUPER hot in the process!
Starring: Luna Lain, Jason Ninja


Goddess Saucha – THE MEAN GIRLS – Re-educating Uncle Tom – Saucha X

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Reeducating Uncle Tom   Saucha X  preview

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This black slave has a confession for Saucha X. He prefers to serve and kiss the feet of white goddesses. No, no, no, Goddess Saucha X has seen this before. She’s not mad at the slave, she just knows he’s confused, and that he needs proper training, re-education to understand the superiority of worshiping HER smooth cocoa skin. She makes him start by kissing her boots. Usually we’re a lot let merciless on our slaves than in this clip, but Saucha X takes it pretty gentle on him because she wants to teach him rather than punish him. He’ll take her toes into his mouth, and he’ll learn how wrong he was. And every time her toes scrape the back of his throat he’ll get a new lesson on why Her feet are the superior ones.


Foot Worship – Brat Princess 2 – Mia – Rejected Date Continues its Financial slave Training with Chastity Enforcement

 Brat Princess 2  Mia  Rejected Date Continues its Financial slave Training with Chastity Enforcement  preview

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Mia is continuing the training of her rejected date. She’s already gotten him complying nicely with worshipping her feet. Now, Mia has started with digging into her rejected date’s wallet. Mia wants him to start paying for her gym membership. At first, the reject complains that he can’t afford the added monthly cost. Mia does not like the idea of working. It’s the male’s responsibility to work for her, even if it means getting two jobs to pay for all her wants. If a male wants any involvement in her life, it needs to understand that it has to contribute to her lifestyle. Mia has brought some tools to help make her rejected date’s mind and wallet more pliable to her. She wants him totally under her control.
Mia strips and collars the male then fits him into a chastity device. From now on he will have to seriously consider the consequences of ever saying no to her. Mia smiles happily as she locks up her rejected date’s tiny penis. Collared and in chastity, the male is subdued. It finally complies with Mia’s demand to pay her monthly gym membership. It doesn’t know how it will get the extra money, but it will find a way for it’s Princess. Satisfied, Mia relaxes and uses her rejected date’s mouth for some foot worship, as she has trained him to allow her to do.
Mia wants the male to get some idea of how difficult chastity will be for it. She teases him with her cute butt in her cut off jean shorts. He has to kiss her butt and feet. The rejected date is turning into a financial slave nicely for Mia. She’s pleased. Mia has decided that she is going to make her rejected date’s life as difficult as possible, to her benefit. He will be expected to sacrifice in any way, great or small, to improve her life even just minutely.


Foot Slave Training – Humiliation POV – Lick The Dirt Off Of The Bottoms Of My Boots, Idiot – Princess Kaylynn

 Humiliation POV  Lick The Dirt Off Of The Bottoms Of My Boots Idiot   Princess Kaylynn  preview

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You’re in for a treat today boot licker. You have no idea what’s coming. I have these sexy hot new boots, one of my adoring slaves got them for me, and they’re already dirty, they already need to be cleaned. So your job is to get down on your knees and lick the dirt of the bottom of my boots. You’re disgusting, but you love when I treat you like this, don’t you?
Open wide idiot, clean the soles. You love it. Rub your tongue all over them. Good boy. Show me what that mouth can do. My boots own you, they own your mind. You live for them, you live to clean them, to admire and worship them. You are absolutely entranced by my boots. I love treating you like this, it’s what you deserve. Keep licking them idiot. Aren’t they so hot?
Suck on the heel bitch. I wanna see you deep throat it. Take it all the way down that fucking throat you slut. Choke on my heels. This is where you belong. You belong under me. You are more worthless than the dirt on the bottoms of my boots. Don’t you ever forget that, loser. I own you, my boots own you.
I love using you for your tongue, so you can clean my boots. This is all you’re good for. And it makes you so horny. You’re pathetic. This is where you belong, this is your job. The only purpose for you tongue is to clean my Goddess boots. You don’t even need to speak. Just lick them idiot. My boots give me so much power over you. When I wear these boots I am unstoppable. I will destroy you with a click of my heels. You are my boot slave and I will use your tongue as I see fit. You’re lucky I even deal with you and your pathetic existence. So don’t fuck it up.


Foot Humiliation – Club Stiletto FemDom – Pathetic Foot Slave – Princess Lily

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Pathetic Foot Slave   Princess Lily  preview

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We open with sexy Princess Lily sitting on Her throne. “My legs are so sore” she complains, “and my feet are just aching and so sweaty and smelly.” She explains it’s from trampling and kicking another slave for hours but she’s happy she has a second slave at hand who will eagerly attend to her feet and make her feel better. As she speaks the slave crawls in and starts kissing her feet and licking the soles of her stilettos. She wonders out loud where these shoes have been but smiles and says “But you don’t care do you?” as the slave sucks and licks like it’s his last meal. Now she has the wretched beast remove her shoes and rubs her stinky feet in his face as he lays on the ground.
She pulls out her phone and tells him she is taking pics of him in this position and is going to send them to her boyfriend so they can laugh at how pathetically hard he adores her. She sticks a big toe in his mouth and reminds him that her pleasure is all that matters. “You don’t deserve any pleasure, EVER” she tells him. As he sucks her toe he reaches up and massages her legs. “My boyfriend just sent me some hot pics of himself, with his big dick exposed” Lily says as she starts to run her hand over her own body, her breasts, stomach and pussy. She mocks the slave for not looking like her boyfriend or being hung like he is. Now Lily is getting aroused and she starts to focus on her pussy. She rubs it and moans from the pleasure of her touch as well as that of the beast touching her legs and worshiping her feet. She tells the slave that if he does a good job she will let him smell her fingers after she has played with herself. Now Lily sets one foot across the slaves body to tease you. “I should have a second slave to attend to my other foot” she says. She curls her sole and spreads her toes and you can see her feet are as perfect as the rest of her. She runs her fingers through the toes and tells you how she would have you attending to her feet. Now the slave is told to stick his tongue through the toes of her other foot and Lily now pulls her panties to the side and really starts to rub herself. She moans in ecstasy.


Shoe & Boot Worship – THE MEAN GIRLS – Grovel Before Goddess – Superior Goddess Brooke

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Grovel Before Goddess   Superior Goddess Brooke  preview

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Superior Goddess Brooke sits atop her throne at Mean Girl Manor as three naked slaves crawl before her and bow down at her feet upon command. Each slave is there to grovel before her, hoping to be chosen as one of her personal slaves. She quizzes each of the slaves about what they are willing to do to have the privilege of serving her. If it’s not enough to impress Superior Goddess Brooke, she will dismiss them from consideration as a potential personal slave.
The first slave offers to be her personal little bitch cleaning her house, doing her laundry, washing her car, and running all her errands. The second slave offers to do all of that as well, PLUS sign over his entire bank account to Superior Goddess Brooke. In addition he will name her the beneficiary of his life insurance policy. The third slave is absolutely pathetic and begs to serve her, but doesn’t have enough to offer The Superior Goddess, so she literally laughs in his face and he and is immediately dismissed.
Superior Goddess Brooke accepts the offers from the first two slaves and as a reward they are each given one of her high heel shoes and allowed to begin worshiping the inside of them- after they have just been on her divine feet! The slaves enjoy their reward as Superior Goddess Brooke casually reads a magazine- it is like nothing to her to have inferior males like this literally licking the foot-sweat from the inside of her shoes like it is the most delicious thing they have ever tasted.
The worship continues as Superior Goddess Brooke commands the slaves to kiss, lick, massage, and tongue-bathe her actual feet. Superior Goddess Brooke informs the slave with the life insurance policy he will need to himself within the next 24 hours so she and her boyfriend can live a great life with the insurance money! And she thinks nothing of it. So he better enjoy his last 24hrs on earth by worshiping her to the max!
Superior Goddess Brooke is so cruel in this clip! She literally expects her slaves to be willing to dye for her!


Female Domination – Brat Princess 2 – Mia – Look How Pathetic you are for My Feet

 Brat Princess 2  Mia  Look How Pathetic you are for My Feet  preview

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Mia’s sandals are very dirty, and her feet are very stinky inside them. She makes her slave kiss her stinky feet inside the sandals. Then, it has to lick the dirt off of the beige colored bottoms. The dirt belongs off Mia’s shoes and inside the slave. She loves it when its tongue turns black with the filth from her shoes. Then, it’s time for the slave to get to work on her dirty, stinky, sandal feet. Its job is to clean out everything from in-between Princess Mia’s toes. She fucks its face with her whole foot and runs her soles across its tongue. The slave is very pathetic and kneels obediently while Mia cleans her shoes and feet with its mouth.


Foot Slave Training – THE MEAN GIRLS – Foot Worship Team Up – Princess Bella, Princess Aria and Princess Carmela

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Foot Worship Team Up   Princess Bella Princess Aria and Princess Carmela  preview

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Hey loser, remember back in school when nobody would chose you for sports? This is kind of like that, but these are all last picked losers that WE are going to pick to worship our feet. I mean how bad do you have to suck to not get chosen to lick dirty feet? You’ve got to be some sort of super loser to get PICKED LAST just to be a foot bitch LOL. Like, where do you go from that? If you can’t get picked to kiss a girl’s feet, you might as well find the nearest cliff- and dive off it, loser! Haha.


Ass Worship – Mistress Luna – Oral servitude through nylons

 Mistress Luna  Oral servitude through nylons  preview

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I am wearing a very sexy pantyhose and I feel very sexy as well!I am going to use you, My pantyhose bitch, for My pleasure! You are wearing nice nylons, 15 Den, so I can see your clity trough the material! I am going to drive you crazy today: will tease you so much ..First, I give you My gorgeous stilettos, to sniff : after a wear it long time, My foot in nylons sweat inside and now, the stilettos are impregnated with a very arousing perfume …Sniff it all boy! Is your little clity starting to ,,wake-up,, ? …hahaha…and this is just the beginning of your ,,ecstasy and agony,, journey today ! Now, after you inhale all the sweet perfume you may start worship My feet in nylons ..yess, lick My soles, suck My toes and kiss My ankles…I love it . I guess your clity is struggling under the nylons …that’s good ! To have My feet worshiped is always arousing for Me, so, I feel I want more: more pleasure for Me and more frustration for you! So, come , get closer to My magic triangle, this small piece of nylon who is covering My Sanctum …you must start licking and give Me satisfaction with your tongue…yes, oral servitude trough the nylons …is totally exciting for Me, I will have an orgasm soon….and I guess is arousing for you too: because the nylons let My pussy juices pass trough, so you can test My sweet nectar mixed with nylons smell …what a heaven for a nylons boy , isn’t? And, because I am in ,,devilish,, mood today, I don’t want to stop here, I want to tease you even more , so I will order you to lick My ass trough the nylons ! Before we start the film, I was using the bathroom and let My ass ,,half whipped,, by intention : so now, when you start clean My ass, you get a splendid mixtures of aromas: My ass My orgasm and this gorgeous nylons . I get My second orgasm and now, you must go …I finish with you for today …you may go …haha..but oh, what you get there inside your pantyhose? – huge erection , as I can see …haha…to bad for you, because you don’t get something else today! As for Me: mission accomplished: I get My orgasms, I use you, I tease you ! I enslave you forever …day by day your addiction become stronger and stronger : I am your addiction!