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Posted: April 21, 2022

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Arianne was planning her well-deserved revenge against Lana since their last encounter. Arianne burst into the room, jumping on top of Lana as Lana lay down to take a break while she was shooting. She reverses the action and facesits Lana. This caught her completely off-guard. Arianne then grabs the pillow and hits Lana in her face. She then tosses the pillow on the floor. Arianne then rams her ans into Lana’s head, telling her that she will slap her stomach hard and make it red while smothering the girl. Arianne had Lana at her mercy, and she was rubbing it all over her face. Arianne enjoys humiliating her black nemesis by verbally and physically dominating it. Lana was forced to accept it. Arianne made Lana grab her ass and take it. She mumbles, still in shock. Arianne repeated her instructions to her, since she was now her prisoner. Lana had to comply with Arianne’s orders to ensure that nothing would worse happen. Lana knew Arianne would be taking revenge on her but it wasn’t this sudden. Arianne then moves forward and gives Lana a full dose of her tits, slamming and shaking her face while covering her with them. Arianne finally decides to get up and slide onto Lana. She starts to ride her face, grinding down her pussy and making Lana’s screams totally muffled. Arianne continues to face Lana and humiliate her, making her her little black submissive slave. Arianne decided that Lana deserved more punishment after much thought. She verbally humiliated and verbally twerked with Arianne, grins and grinds her every move. Lana did not know Arianne was capable of what she could do. She is now learning the hard way. After Lana had been subjected to constant humiliation and smothering for a while, Arianne stated to her that Arianne was the greatest. It took Lana several more good smothers until she finally admitted to Arianne being the best. Lana was left embarrassed and breathless after Arianne jumped off her bed.


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