Americanmeangirls – The Mean Girls – Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun – Goddess Platinum and Princess Mia

The Mean Girls  Double the Pleasure Double the Fun   Goddess Platinum and Princess Mia  preview

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So many of you loser’s write in asking to be of use and wanting to visit Us at the Manor, but you need to realize, that sometimes, Our slaves aren’t even in the Manor, they’re kept in various slave quarters here or at the punishment compound in the desert. These two things had been kept out in the compounds overheated storage building and when Goddess Platinum and I walked in it was so hot We made the loser’s apologize for causing Us to sweat while We destroyed their little packages.
It’s hilarious through the clip that these two slaves are so broken and resigned to their roles as Our property, they no longer even fight back or offer any resistance. Watch as GP and I demand they stand and present their balls for Us to kick into their throats and crawl over to thank Us after We do so.
You things are all so pathetic, but at least these loser’s got the chance to actually have their worlds destroyed by their Betters… you should be so lucky loser..