Face Sit – Goddess Natalie starring in video ‘Catching my roomie obsess over fart fetish’

  Goddess Natalie starring in video Catching my roomie obsess over fart fetish preview

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I got home a bit early today and my roommate was not home just yet, but guess what I found in the livingroom? Haha his phone was right there..open on the sofa, unlocked and ready for anyone to explore!
How funny! I mean, I wouldn’t normally go through other people’s stuff, but I must admit I got a little curious when I saw some porn that was open on the main tab he forgot to close. I guess that’s what he was watching right before he left his phone there lol I was certainly expecting something embarrassing, but I was not expecting to find out that he watched fart fetish clips!
What a fucking weirdo, right? And it turns out he even has an account on clip sites where he buys fart clips all the time and on top of that, a Twitter account all dedicated to this stupid fetish. Oh my fucking gawd, the dude is obsessed!
And I am obviously going to tease the hell out of him now that I know lol I took his phone to my room and asked him to come over so we have a little chat…hmm…a rather stinky, farty chat haha