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Posted: September 10, 2022

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The Stunning, 20 Year-Old Goddess Khaleesi, recently bought a new 75 inch TV that suddenly stopped working, but it’s too big for Her to take into the shop and is still covered by warranty. She is at home working out while waiting for the repair dork to show up. He does, leering at Her incredibly perfect body, clad in just a pair of tight and immediately comments on how sexy She looks and makes predictable, stupid, sexist comments about Women – that pisses of the Goddess, who had just taken off Her shoes and socks but then left the room at the behest of the repair dork, and to cool off before She decked the dork.
But as soon as the Goddess leaves, the repair dork grabs Her socks and starts jacking his pathetic meat, sniffing one dirty sock and rubbing the other one on his little peanut. He is suprised when he hears:
Coming up from behind him, Goddess Khaleesi snaps a picture of the dork waxing his weasel with Her dirty sock. She’s of course disgusted and asks him if his boss would like to see what he’s up to? He begs and pleads and She agrees to not show his boss the pic of he does EXACTLY as She tells him. She harshly tells him to shut up when he asks questions as She puts a bondage hood, collar, leash, as well as hand and wristt cuffs on the dork:
“Just do as I say and shut the fuck up…and by the way, you call me GODDESS KHALEESI. Got it, pig?”
She rises and stands up in front of him while he’s on his knees and puts one of Her perfect feet and puts it in the pig’s face and orders him, staring at him with Her gorgeous, dark, penetrating eyes:
“KISS IT. Show my foot the respect it deserves”
“Yes Goddess Khaleesi”
He starts kissing the foot madly, up and down as She looks down Her nose at him in contempt and triumph, knowing that he’s stuck and will soon be a whimpering, cowering lackey of Hers, willing to do literally anything for Her, begging for anything from Her; a drop of Her precious spit, sweat or golden nectar, or to be used in some other way by such a perfect creature.
“Now get my toes in your cunt mouth. You’re just a human sock to me, just a foot warmer or cleaner after I’ve gone barefoot all day or was at the gym, or wore sandals without socks all day. That’s when you’re not serving as a footstool or a toilet”
She makes him clean Her feet:
“Suck my toes, cunt. Yeah, get in between all of them and suck out all the toe jam and dirt. It’s like fucking caviar to a foot bitch like you!”
Then She sits in the chair and starts wiping Her feet up and down his face, telling him to keep his tongue out while She paints Her feet with his wet tongue. She pulls on the leash and orders him:
He starts whimpering but She starts cramming one of Her feet down his throat, and while he tries to move his head away, She takes the other foot and tucks it behind his head. He has no choice but to take the foot further and further down his throat, even while choking and gagging on it. She pulls harder on the leash when he tries to turn his head to one side or the other, Her beautiful eyes locked on him with a Mona Lisa smile painted across Her luscious lips.
“That’s right, you’re my bitch now. My human sock. DEEPER! You like that, you little fucking foot pig? Now get down on the ground, cunt.”
He quickly lays flat on his back. She takes one foot and seals it over his mouth, and then pinches his nose with the other toes, cutting off both of his airways.
He starts struggling, but She keeps the leash tight and all of Her body weight on the pigs face, while he flops around like a fish after about 30 seconds. Finally, when he’s still, She just laughs and drops the leash on his prone body, knowing he will come to in a few minutes and She can punish him for passing out and start over.


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