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Posted: June 9, 2021

Domina Planet  Male Pet Training   Miss Ravyn Alexa preview

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Miss Ravyn Alexa is mentoring 18 year-old Mistress Destiny in different aspects of Female Domination of the male species. Having grown up in a Female Supremacist household, She is familiar with many aspects but seeks complete control of Her males. She has already learned how to use a slave as an inanmate object like a yoga mat, unable to move or speak and being used as just another piece of gym equipment.
Now Miss Ravyn wants to show Her how a male slave can be used for just about anything – even in place of a pet puppy or a chair. Or a combination of those things:
“Once You’ve broken your male slave, the possibilities are endless. You can sissify it, turn it out and make it a whore, turn it into Your toilet and now….how to turn it into Your personal pet puppy. It doesn’t speak English anymore…DO YOU PET?”
“WHOOF!” – The slave replies.
“It’s one bark for ‘yes’ and two barks for ‘no’. ”
Mistress Destiny takes the leash from Miss Ravyn and takes the slave for a walk around the room:
“Punish it if it doesn’t keep up with You – it has to stay on all fours or You can whip the skin right off of him and chain him outside overnight.”
The slave shuffles along quickly enough to keep up, and the teenage Dominatrix is impressed.
“What else can it do?”
“It can do tricks, like sit, play de*d, shake and more. It can also serve as furniture, like a foot stool. SLAVE, FOOTSTOOL!”
The slave shuffles in front of Miss Ravyn as She sits in black dungeon chair and puts Her latex-clad feet up on the slave’s back, relaxing with an audible sigh. Here, You try it!”
Mistress Destiny puts Her slipper covered feet up on the slaves back and then kicks them off. At Miss Ravyns’ suggestion, She takes one of them and starts to smack the slaves ass quite hard. Then Miss Ravyn shows Her some of the other positions, such as the recliner and finally, the stool. Miss Ravyn has the slave put its head back on the black leather dungeon chair. Spreading Her perfect ass cheeks and open, She tells Mistress Destiny:
“To make it even more useful, You can use the command “STOOL, CLEAN!””
The slave sticks its tongue out in a point, and Miss Ravyn carefully lowers Her open anus onto the slave tongue, its head disappearing under Her ample posterior. Jerking up on the chain HARD, She tells Mistress Destiny not to worry about air, that the slave is breathe trained. After She’s satisfied, She hands the leahs to Mistress Destiny, who assumes the position over the slave’s head, asking:
“Uh, I went number two a little earlier and haven’t washed. Is that ok?”
“Oh absolutely, that’s what it’s for. It won’t dare complain! As a matter of fact, You can lay it on the floor and then use the command ‘DEEP CLEAN’, and it will leave Your sphincter as clean as a whistle”
She lowers Her big round teenage ass onto the slave’s waiting tongue, rocking back and forth and cropping the slave, telling it to get in even deeper. Finally after She’s sure it’s given Her anus a spit shine, She tells Miss Ravyn that Her anus feels sparkling clean. She then ties the slave up and says to Mistress Destiny:
“Come on, let’s go grab a drink and then fuck our boyfriends. We can leave it tied up here for a looong time. It’s not like it can escape!”


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