Joi – Humiliation POV – I Turn Alpha’s Into My Pay Pigs, Imagine What I Can Do To You

 Humiliation POV  I Turn Alphas Into My Pay Pigs Imagine What I Can Do To You  preview

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Princess Candy Glitter
You do realize that I turn ‘alpha’s’ into my little pay slaves, don’t you? I’ve taken self described strong dominant men and manipulated them and turned them into my little pay piggies. I’ve turned them into walking wallets lol. Fiscally responsible men with good jobs, high powered positions, that’s all irrelevant to me. When I see a man, I see the opportunity to manipulate and drain. And if I can do that to these strong men, imagine how easily I can do it to a weak little loser like you. You are nothing to me.
If I’m able to take a dominant man who is powerful and successful and even gets pussy and turn him into my little atm, certainly you realize that you are no match for me. You’re not dominant, you’ve never had a woman even interested in fucking you. And even these strong men are easy for me to break. I’m that good, that manipulative. On the outside they are normal and assured, but you, LOL, people look at you and know immediately how pathetic you are, especially women. Women like me see little pitiful bitches like you out in public and honestly, it’s almost too easy.
It’s almost too easy to manipulate you and control you and own you. But it’s still fun and you like being manipulated, don’t you? You like being weak, you’ve accepted who you are, a little stroker for hot dominant mean women. So go ahead, stroke it you little loser, you pathetic little weakling. Stroke for your perfect princess. You see how easy it is? You see how you’re already obeying me and falling into my trap. Making you horny and easy to manipulate. You’re too easy.
Pump that stupid loser cock. It feels good to be weak, it feels good to accept your place in this world, doesn’t it? You see all men pay me, some of you are just a little bit easier to manipulate. Especially horny chronic masturbators like you who don’t get pussy. You’re a horny little reject addicted to paying hot bratty girls. Jerk it loser. I break strong men and I ruin weak men like you. You’re not really even a man, are you? I drain your fucking bank accounts until you’re cumming so hard that you can’t even see straight. I take your fucking cash just like that and you pump and you thank me for taking all of your money, LOL!
You see those strong men who fuck women but are still no match for me, sometimes they have second thoughts about our little interactions, sometimes they don’t want to be submissive, they don’t want to be that weak even though they always come crawling back. They try to pretend that a dominant woman didn’t completely just fuck them over but they always come back. But losers like you, they never get back up. You just jerk and embrace it and go harder the next time.
All you need to be doing is stroking, obeying and paying. And you know this. I am going to own you. You’re not going to be able to stop paying me. I’m too good at manipulating you. It’s what I do. You’re so fucked. You see I know your secret, you desperately want to pay me. I told you that it wouldn’t be hard for me to get what I want out of a little loser like you. And soon I’ll have every last dollar. I’m going to push you harder and harder, you’re going to be my little wallet. And it’s going to be so fucking easy because look at how pathetic you are, how desperate you are. You’re so eager to hand it all over. You are desperate to be financially dominated by Princess Candy. And it turns you on even more now knowing I break alpha men, knowing just how good I really am.