Shoe Fetish – Melody – Powerless Underfoot – Shoe And Foot Domination

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Worship My Platform Stilettos! – Shoe Worship And Domination Melody and her girlfriends are getting ready for the party and I can say that she looks so sexy in her extreme high heels and satin dress. I am happy that I will stay alone for a while, put her girlfriends are late to get ready, but Melody is full of energy. She traps me under the chair and I know what is coming for me. This bratty little bitch dominates me in a way that I feel totally powerless and submitted, she is a little witch! Bratty Melody sits over me and commands me to lick clean her high heels. The bottoms are dirty and Melody wipes them on my tongue, hurting me while she cleans them. Of course she humiliates me and dominates me under her shoes, making her girlfriends laugh, she kicks my face and twists her heels on my cheek! The heels of her shoes are too long and she makes me lick them, I feel so humiliated and degraded, but Melody feels it and she gets even more evil! A Bitch Under My Feet! – Foot Domination And Humiliation Melody commands me to remove her extreme high heels, after making me clean them the hard way. She sticks her feet on my face and wipes her soles all over it. She dominates me under her tiny feet and I follow her orders without any power even to complain. Melody kicks and footslaps my face hard countless times and she makes me suck her feet deep. She footsmothers me and makes me worship her feet, while she humiliates me and laugh at how pathetic I am! It is not true!