Slave Training – Asian Cruelty – OPEN WIDE FOR GODDESS – Goddess Lana

 Asian Cruelty  OPEN WIDE FOR GODDESS   Goddess Lana  preview

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In this newest video I am covered from head to toe in a gleaming patent leather catsuit, waist sincher and boots. I am a sight to behold and epitomize true female power and dominance personified. My beloved “butt boi” patiently awaits my arrival, locked down and helpless on my inescapable fuck bench. It’s been months since I last force fed him my cock, and he is oooooohhh so desperate to feel me deep inside of him. I have painstakingly trained this slave to need my cock more than he needs oxygen itself. So today, I will grant him the privilege of a breath of fresh air.
I take my 9 inch strap on and plunge it deep inside of him. No warm up necessary for this ass slut. He will take it all, balls deep for his Goddess if I so choose. His ass is mine to do as I wish, and today I wish to give him the gift of a good hard butt fucking. The harder I pump my stiff dick into him, the louder he moans as his cock grows harder and harder with desire for his Goddess. After all, it is I who deliberately and painstakingly trained his ass to need this and I am the only one who can give that which he desires most.