Foot Fetish – Czech Soles – First date with foot pervert went wrong, for her

 Czech Soles  First date with foot pervert went wrong for her  preview

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Charlie is looking for a girlfriend for some time now and now he’s trying with Eliska. They have their first date, at his home – I know what are the odds of having girl on a first date at home but Eliska…she’s so into Charlie, she adores him and he quite likes her too but what he loves about Eliska are her BIG sexy feet. He would very much like to worship them and lick her soles and suck her toes and smell their perfect scent. Charlie is a bit of a foot freak but today he just lost it for Eliska’s feet. He drugs her, makes her sleepy and than ties her up and starts to worship her feet, having his way with them. Eliska is so she does not put a fight and Charlie is taking what he wants. But after some time the drugs run out of her system and she starts to scream and fight, calling Charlie a perv and she seems some what dissatisfied with how their first date is evolving. But Charlie being the foot perv puts her to sleep once again and has his way with helpless Eliska and her sexy BIG bare feet.


Shoe & Boot Worship – The Wolfe Sole Experience – Goddess Wolfe Needs Worshipping

 The Wolfe Sole Experience  Goddess Wolfe Needs Worshipping  preview

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I look so amazing in My leather that I think I must be worshipped in it, so I call My slave in to do just that; starting with My leather boots. I instruct him in worshipping the boots, enjoying the sensation when he follows orders, and correcting him when he doesn’t. As incredible as I look, I get quite hot and sweaty in all the leather. I tease My slave with this information, knowing the prospect of being allowed to smell and taste My sweaty, stinky feet will ensure he worships My boots to the very best of his potential.
Finally, after moving to a more comfortable position on the bed, I instruct My slave to remove one of My boots and begin overwhelming his slave senses with My Goddess aroma. He follows directions, but when he sticks out his tongue too prematurely taste that divinity in My sole, I punish him with a nice swift kick to the face. slaves are not to worship My feet without pain anyway, but they are certainly not to begin worshipping without permission! I continue to command him to pleasure My sweaty bare foot in all the ways I desire until I get bored and tell him to replace My boot so I can move on to something more exciting.


Sweaty Feet – Czech Soles – Go-go dancer’s sexy feet and long toes worship

 Czech Soles  Gogo dancers sexy feet and long toes worship  preview

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It’s Charlie’s bachelor party today and his friends convinced him to go to a night club to start the evening off. Charlie was not sure by this at first, but when the sexy go-go dancer started to dance in those high heels and with her long toes sticking out of those shoes just waiting to be kissed and sucked, Charlie was in. He’s getting pretty turned on as she moves her body right in front of his face, as her pretty little ass jumps up and down and as those feet are getting sweaty and moist and soft. After some time of dancing she has to take a break for a while and Charlie immediately starts to massage her feet and pretty soon massaging is not all he’s doing with her feet. But she’s no newbie in foot fetish herself. She has experience, many guys wanted to worship her feet and she actually loves it. This is gonna be the best party ever!


Foot Fetish – Czech Soles – Naughty girl on high heels having her feet worshiped

 Czech Soles  Naughty girl on high heels having her feet worshiped  preview

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You know naughty girls – they do what they want whenever they want because they are able to persuade men to do anything. Part of it is their charm and beauty and partially it’s just in their DNA to be bad girls, to wake up the worst in men and make them lust for naughty girls. Anna is one of these girls…a naughty one. On first look she looks like a helpless sheep but when you get to know her you’ll realize she’s a lioness. When she’s aroused she will tear your clothes off with her teeth and she’ll take what she wants. Now imagine that what Anna wants is to be worshiped. She loves when her feet are worshiped, when men take care of her body and feet and make her happy. Anna is dating Charlie these days and they just came home after their date. She’s wearing a nice red dress and very sexy, very opened pink high heels. Her toes are poking out of those shoes, just waiting to be worshiped and sucked. And Charlie being a foot lover will get his opportunity soon. When they are sitting on the sofa, Charlie caressing Anna’s legs…she’s getting all hot and aroused and she starts to tease Charlie with her feet, which are still in those sexy high heels, just waiting to be unwrapped and tasted. Anna will get what she wants because all the naughty girls always do. Isn’t that right, Anna?


Pussy Licking – She Owns Your Manhood – Smothered Twice by Janice Griffith

She Owns Your Manhood  Smothered Twice by Janice Griffith  preview

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this is “Smothered by Janice Griffith” and “Smothered Again by Janice Griffith” as one continuous scene for a discount]
Janice Griffith has a lazy roommate. She stands over him in her panties and high socks judging him, then decides to smother his face with her ass. Janice clearly loves riding faces and doesn’t care how hard it is for Lance to breathe.
She laughs while grinding her pussy and ass in his face, then leaves him bewildered on the sofa.
Janice comes back and her lazy roommate Lance is still on the sofa. She pulls off her panties and climbs on his face, waking him up with a mouth full of her pussy. Janice rides his face until she’s happy, then tells him he’s liking it too much and has to lick her feet.
She makes him worship her feet through her stinky socks, then peel her socks off and worship her bare feet.


Foot Licking – THE MEAN GIRLS – Feet At The End Of The Day – Goddess Nina and Goddess Harley

THE MEAN GIRLS  Feet At The End Of The Day   Goddess Nina and Goddess Harley  preview

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***This is being written by the new “clip description slave” that has been commanded to watch all Mean Girls’ clips and do all their writeups from now on because they shouldn’t have to do their own writeups. This is how I serve because I cannot live at Mean Girl Manor. I am to watch, review, and give a complete and fair description of each clip from a slave perspective to all potential clip-buyers before deciding to make their purchase.***
The slave has just finished his long list of chores for the day and comes crawling into the room to ask Goddess Nina and Goddess Harley if there is anything else the Goddesses want before he goes back into his cage. Goddess Nina says that her feet have gotten sweaty in the thigh high boots she’s been wearing all day and instructs the slave to lick the sweat off her feet. The slave removes Goddess Nina’s boots and is made to sniff her sweaty socks before he gets the privilege of licking her feet. Goddess Harley says her feet are uncomfortable too and has the slave start giving her a foot rub. The slave is now licking and massaging the feet of both Goddesses at once. They laugh about how they can literally make the slave do anything. Goddess Nina makes the slave lick and swallow lint between her toes telling the slave that her toe lint is his dinner tonight! Goddess Harley makes the slave deep throat her foot until he is gagging on it like he’s choking on a big dick. Goddess Harley wonders why he seems to be so good at it. Goddess Nina joins in and the slave is forced to deep throat both of their feet at the same time.
This another great foot worship clip from the Mean Girls! What I really liked about this clip is the Goddesses are having a blast degrading the slave with their feet. You can tell how much they are really enjoying this as they have big smiles on their face and they keep laughing out loud over and over at how they are able to make the slave do whatever they want! Overall, on a “slave scale” of 1-10, I give it a “9.”


Footlicking – THE MEAN GIRLS – Dirty Feet As A Reward – Princess Beverly and Princess Bella

THE MEAN GIRLS  Dirty Feet As A Reward   Princess Beverly and Princess Bella  preview

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This slave took a good beating for us today so we let him worship our heels and feet, haha! Bella and I don’t stop talking trash and humiliating him the whole time. Being our foot worshiping foot rest is his dream come true. He is not even a pain slave, he flew all the way here and took a beating just to be beneath me like this. Unlike some wanna be slaves that have a list of fantasies they want fulfilled by coming to Mean Girl Manor, this slave was willing to give me his mind, body and soul for the chance to be at my feet.
CATEGORIES: Foot Worship, Foot Fetish, Female Domination, Femdom


Pantyhose/stockings – THE MEAN GIRLS – Most Pathetic Cum Ever – Princess Chanel

THE MEAN GIRLS  Most Pathetic Cum Ever   Princess Chanel  preview

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This is seriously sad. So Bella tells me that this loser has been locked up in his little cock device thing for like all month. We apparently are supposed to only let these losers cum once a month to keep them super obedient for us. And this idiot is like obsessed with me so it picked ME this month to unlock it and grant it it’s “release”. But basically all I have to let it gaze up at how hot I am while it “releases itself”. I can basically ignore it if I want to, so it’s not even that hard. But it really is fucking pathetic that this is like the only “sex life” these losers get. Haha. Bella films it all just to humiliate him some more I think- and to sell the video so we can make $$$ off it, obviously.
I actually think its funny how mean I can be to these losers and they STILL are in love with me! Like I tell idiot about how much I love my hubby and I tell him all about our hot sex life – and how I HATE the slave and think he’s repulsive to me – and he is STILL like just stroking away telling me how much he is in love with me! LOL! Gawd I love being hot…you can literally get away with anything.
I even rub my stockinged feet in his face to torrture him some more. I can tell he like wants to cum SOOO bad now!! Haha! But I don’t let him. I think it’s SO fucking entertaining at this point! So I make him BEG just to have my “permission” to cum on the floor and create a “worship puddle” on the floor at my feet! (Bella taught me that term- and I fucking love it.) �� And he probably knows Bella will beat the FUCK out of him if he creates that “puddle” before I give him permission! LOL
So while I have this loser all horny and kneeling before me I make this foot-freak agree to some REALLY extreme financial demands in order to grant him his pathetic “release”…and I let him know he is getting locked right back up for even LONGER than a month as soon as he’s done! (Watch the clip to see how long I decide! Haha.)


Foot Smother – Czech Soles – Dita’s quiet reading and her tempting smelly socks

 Czech Soles  Ditas quiet reading and her tempting smelly socks  preview

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Dita has a lazy afternoon, just laying on the bed and reading her favorite book. Charlie on the other hand wants some action, preferably with Dita’s feet. He lies down on the bed next to Dita, head to toes, and he tries to smell Dita’s feet which he loves so much. Dita has a suspicion Charlie is kinda in her feet and she plays the game with him. Dita does like nothing is happening, moving her feet with smelly socks on closer and closer to Charlie’s face asking him if he does not mind and of course he does not mind a bit. Dita’s feet are now completely covering Charlie’s face and he’s smelling them and enjoying every second of it. It’s time to take it further now. Are you ready? I know Charlie and Dita are…
Video from nice angel, close to Dita’s sexy feet and socks, partially POV at times.


Footlicking – Czech Soles – She loves to have her BIG feet worshiped

 Czech Soles  She loves to have her BIG feet worshiped  preview

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Charlie and his roommate Cat are living together for few months now and everything is going fine until today. Just now Cat has returned from work after 12 hour shift. She’s tired and her feet hurt and they are pretty smelly. She shares that with Charlie and than she goes to bed for a while. The minute she leaves the room Charlie starts to smell her shoes she left there but what he did not expect is that she’ll be back in few minutes. Cat catches Charlie sniffing her shoes and she starts to laugh. It looks like she’s surprised and amused but she’s not mad or anything, she actually does not mind. Great! Cat tell Charlie to continue if he really likes it and he all for it of course. Charlie is having his way with her feet, worshiping them, smelling her soles and toes and turns out in time that she actually enjoys this very much. At first it was funny for her, something to laugh about but now Cat really likes how it feels to have her big sexy feet worshiped. Too bad Charlie did come clean much sooner…but there will be enough time to make up for it since Cat will demand it every day after work. The fun has just begun.