Tease – Ball Busting Beauties – Extreme Foreplay: Schoolgirl Fantasy – Asia Perez

Ball Busting Beauties  Extreme Foreplay Schoolgirl Fantasy   Asia Perez preview

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Asia Perez loves playing kinky games with her boyfriend, especially the ones where she gets to dominate him! Knowing he has always wanted her to dress up in a schoolgirl uniform and sadistically tease him, she surprises him one lucky evening. Seductively entering the room dressed in a short short skirt, high heels and a top that bare covers anything, her boyfriend is instantly mesmerized by her beauty. Pulling him up standing by his tie, she shows off her sexy body while teasing his cock and balls through his pants. Suddenly, with a smile on her face, she punches her boyfriend right in the groin. Continuing to have her way with him, she slaps his cock and balls through his pants before stepping back and unleashing her kicks between his legs. Noticing that he is getting an erection through his pants, she has him strip out of them. Now with his manhood exposed, she teases his cock by stroking it while his balls with slaps and punches. Holding him in place by his tie she knees him over and over again while his hard cock bounces around on her strong thighs. Confident from his raging hard on that he is absolutely enjoying every second of being dominated, Asia orders him to lay on his back with his legs spread. Using her high heels she stomps and crushes his helpless cock and balls underneath her before ordering him to stand for some more kicks. Both turned on from all the ballbusting fun, she drags him off to the bedroom!