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Sometimes I like hurting a slave mentally & emotionally even more than doing it physically. And the more “in love” the slave is with me, the easier it is. Is that really mean that I think that way? Oh well too bad. That’s why I’m a MEAN GIRL and own SLAVES. Because I like being cruel to men. K? K.
And this foot-freak loser is TOTALLY obsessed with me. So all I have to do is tease it with my feet, and…BAM. It’s poor little heart and mind are wide open for me to stomp all over it with my teasing, cruel words.
I make the old man listen as I tell it all about my date that I will be going on later- with someone ELSE other than him, obviously! LOL
But even though I will be out with a hot young guy that’s like my own age, I really rub it in that the old man that is literally at my feet will still be PAYING for my date- with his credit card! Aw, it really seems to hurt his feelings…all those mean things I am saying to him. I even tell him how the guy I am with is going to know all about it and that he is probably going to laugh our ass off that I have some old guy that I can just fucking use like this. But I have my foot on the old man’s face and he is inhaling the scent of my perfect size 6 feet, so…he will basically take whatever mental abuse I dish out to him! And trust me, it just gets worse and worse as this clip goes on and I keep crushing his poor little heart more & more!
It just entertains me sooo much to see how mentally and emotionally cruel I can be to my foot slaves- and just see what they will take for me. Apparently, it is quite a lot!
You will need to watch the video to hear how cruel I am to this freak. I like literally have NO respect for it. i mean, come on- I regularly use this idiot’s face as my footrest when I am lounging around Mean Girl Manor. How can you have any respect for someone who’s face you literally rest your feet on? LOL