Brat Girls – Humiliation POV – Pervert Licks My Pink Thigh High Boots That He Paid For

 Humiliation POV  Pervert Licks My Pink Thigh High Boots That He Paid For  preview

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My idiot slave is a little boot pervert. He saw these online and he just had to buy them for me. He couldn’t wait to see them on me, and they do look hot! But he wasn’t going to fuck me in these boots. No. He doesn’t even want to fuck me in them. He wants to get down on his hands and knees and lick and kiss the boots he bought for me. These thigh high pink boots do need a good tongue polishing, so I’m going to allow him to do so, but only if he begs me for the opportunity.
He begs and begs to polish them with his tongue as I laugh in his face. He’s so dumb. His horny perverted cock controls him and so he does anything I tell him to. I mean wouldn’t you? I do look so fucking hot in these boots and it is a privilege to lick them. So now that he bought them and degraded himself for the opportunity, I decided I’d let him lick my boots that he paid for.
He’s such a lowly boot licker. He loved every minute of it. First I made him polish the boots themselves. He was so eager to get his filthy tongue all over them. He understands that this is his place, on the floor beneath me, paying me to lick the boots that he bought. God he’s so stupid! LOL!
But my soles are what truly needed a good cleaning so I made him lick the soles clean with his tongue! LOL! What a lucky boy. I reminded him that this is all that he is good for. He’s nothing more than my boot polisher. I love degrading him like this. He’s such a fucking idiot. But I wanted to degrade him even further so I made him suck the heels of my boots clean. He’s such a fucking slut! He looked so stupid on his knees sucking on my heels. But he didn’t care, he just wants to be useful to me. Then when I was satisfied that they were clean, I made him thank me for allowing him to lick my boots. And then I kicked him out! LOL!