Cbt Game – Goddess Natalie starring in video ‘Ass kisser’s dream come true’

Goddess Natalie starring in video Ass kissers dream come true preview

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Well, you wouldn’t believe what happened recently! I was just going about my daily business when a little birdie came to me and told me that you’re a real big ass kisser! It told me that you love nothing more than kissing hot girls’ asses all day long, just so you can get your lips on at least one part of their body!
I guess it’s the least a lil loser like you can get, since women like me would never pay attention to you otherwise! You know that you’d normally have to beg and pay thousands to even get the chance to worship our feet, breasts or asses, but since I’m feeling generous today, I decided to give you the privilege of kissing my ass in POV.
But trust me, you will be paying dearly for that amazing opportunity – with some CBT, of course. I’m gonna first turn your brain to mush with my sexy ass and lots of teasing, instruct you exactly where to kiss and how, and when you’re at your most vulnerable, I’m gonna hit your balls so hard you’ll cry haha