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This pathetic, fat loser, actually has a chance to date this hot chick. When he proposes to her…she accepts. But only on the condition that she got to lock him in chastity their entire engagement. So of course he agrees just for the opportunity to marry the woman of his dreams. The only reason why she was with him was for his money. He also was her little bitch; he cooked, cleaned and whatever else she told him.
After the wedding the sloppy groom carries his gorgeous new wife into their beautiful bedroom they are loaned at the Mean Girl Manor. He finally gets to have her after months of waiting. They are even left gifts from Goddess Platinum. The groom is all excited thinking that he will finally get to unlock his tiny little dick. But his new wife has to break the bad news to him. You see…she said as long as he was locked up in chastity during their engagement she would marry him, but she never said when she would take him out of chastity! That was a total assumption on his part.
While the gorgeous bride opens the gifts from Goddess Platinum she informs him that he’s going to be more of her little bitch than a husband. He’s going to work more jobs and give her all the money. He’s going to buy her everything she wants. And the best part is she’s going to have boyfriends. Actual Men. That she’s going to fuck. And she will never be fucking her husband. Ever.
Part of the reason why she wanted him locked up in the first place was she couldn’t stand the sight of his tiny dick. She couldn’t even stand to see him naked in the first place. But she knows he will be wiling to do anything he’s told just for the opportunity to tell everyone he’s married to his dream woman. But if he’s as obedient as she expects him to be and does everything he’s told then maybe he’ll be lucky enough to be put under the bed (if he loses enough weight) so he can listen to his hot new wife get fucked by a real man…Enjoy the Wedding Night Cuck.