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For My desire! I just snap My finger and any male is ready to serve Me as I please. Right now, I’m checking My emails and using one slave as a piece of furniture – or whatever it is – a carpet under My sharp heels. I carry on typing and dangling My shoe over its face, rest My soles on its face, dig My heels in its flesh. I guess you started whimpering in the corner as you got flashes of My pantyhose feet when I was dangling My heels, because I finally took notice of your existence. Well, don’t just kneel there! Crawl to My feet and beg to worship them. Mmm I know how bad you want to sniff My soles, My sacred scent is intoxicating. I thoroughly use you as My foot slave, shoving My feet in your mouth and using your tongue to lick clean My silky smooth panythose feet. My other slave struggles, being smothered beneath My sole as I make you kiss the other. Nothing but objects for My feet.
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