Humiliation – ASIAN MEAN GIRLS – THE BUTT EATING BIDET! Starring Mistress Lucy Khan

ASIAN MEAN GIRLS  THE BUTT EATING BIDET Starring Mistress Lucy Khan  preview

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Miss Lucy Khan is not only a Mistress but she’s also a humiliatrix who takes great joy in humiliating any man who tries to creep his disgusting way into her good graces. But there are no good graces with this Mistress. Every man is, and will always be a loser slave in her mind to be treated accordingly! Lucy will not let a man carry an ego! He will instantly bow naked at her heavenly feet and do as he’s told! For the time being Lucy is just lounging around and relaxing, she craves a cigarette and puts her slave to good use as her human ashtray. He is forced to inhale the vile smoke and take the ash upon his tongue. Inevitably he is even forced to swallow the cigarette butt as any good ashtray should. Fully relaxed she feels that she need relieve herself, the drinks that went down so nicely earlier in the day will be her slaves only reward! The only offering to cleanse his palate after the disgusting cigarette ashes! He better enjoy it!
He’s already getting more than his pathetic ass deserves in Mistress Lucy’s opinion.