Kicking – Fetish Cuties – A Hapless Thief Smashed, Crushed And Executed By A Small Girl

Fetish Cuties  A Hapless Thief Smashed Crushed And Executed By A Small Girl  preview

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A hapless thief breaks into a house which supposed to be empty. He has an information that somewhere in this room more than 1000 euro is kept. So he sneaks around searching the prey. He finds it pretty fast. But while he is counting the money someone suddenly is coming into the house. He quickly hides behind a corner. It is a proprietress who has come back earlier. What a bad luck! But. she looks quite short n weak. He is aller than the girl by a head. So if he sneaks behind her and chokes her a little bit. he`ll have a chance to leave without problems.
Wrong decision. This small girl appeared to be a master of martial arts. So the moment he catches her from behind is the start of his end. From now he has to be prepared for a bulk of kicks and punches which smash him agains the wall, crush his balls n make a mess of his viscera. After all it seems there is no sense to finish this half alive body. But she is ruthless. He wanted to rob her and besides he is not a man, but just a rag. He doesn’t deserve to live.