Leather Fetish – Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Obey Nikita – Cropped Boi Bitch

 Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos  Obey Nikita  Cropped Boi Bitch  preview

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Look at this little bitch boi all locked down on all fours just waiting to get beaten. There’s not much other use for it really. I love to hear it yelp when my thick leather crop smacks its skin. The sound goes so nice with the click-clack of my six inch stiletto heels on the dungeon floor. Funny when it thinks it’ll only be the crop today. Nope. I finish it off with my cane and make count each stroke!


Bisexual – Humiliation POV – Blast Your Face With All That Disgusting Jizz, You Nasty Cum Junkie – Princess Kendi

 Humiliation POV  Blast Your Face With All That Disgusting Jizz You Nasty Cum Junkie   Princess Kendi  preview

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Can you even get off to anything but humiliation any more? Is regular porn just not cutting it these days? You used to think I was just a habit, then I became an addiction. Now I’m the only thing that turns you on. I’m what you crave. I’m what keeps you up at night when you’re horny, unable to sleep, aching to get off, needing to stroke. So you sneak out of bed and fire up the computer and turn on my videos.
And I know exactly what you want. You need to be humiliated. You need me to coerce you into doing that yucky little thing you like, that disgusting thing that you like that you’d d.!.e.. of humiliation if anyone ever found out. That little cum eating fantasy of yours, that little facial fetish. You watch facial porn and wish you were the one getting blasted in the face with all that slimy white cum.
I know you’re rock hard right now, jerking off to the thought of humiliating yourself for me. You’re so eager to eat your cum and give yourself a facial. We always have so much fun getting you there. You love to stroke for me. You’re so good at masturbating, you’ve had so much practice. You’re such a good little cock stroker. You’re so good at stroking and eating your own cum because you want to practice so you can do it to other men. You want stroke other guy’s cock, you want to swallow other guy’s loads, don’t you? You’re thinking of drinking other dude’s cum for me when you splash all that disgusting jizz all over your face, while I watch and laugh.
Stroke it for me, it’s what you’re good at. You have no idea how to get a girl off, but a cock, you know just what to do with that. Are you looking forward to eating your cum for me? Are you looking forward to splashing it all on your face for me? I know I can’t wait for you to give yourself a nasty little facial. You should leave it on your face when you go out so you can show everyone what a little cum junkie you are. They won’t know if it’s yours or another man’s, lol! But they’ll laugh either way. Maybe other sissies will notice and they’ll be jealous that a Goddess made you play with your cum.
When you cum I want you to blast it all over your face with your mouth wide open, let it drip into your mouth. Smear it in and lick it all up, give yourself a tasty facial. Do it loser. Let it drip over your lips and into your mouth you little cum junkie. Awwww look at the little cum whore, the little slut. You fucking love eating your cum for me.


Female Domination – Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Obey Nikita – Plugged Slapped & Spit On

Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos  Obey Nikita  Plugged Slapped  Spit On  preview

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Sometimes I have to totally humiliate my pets just because it’s so much fun, and it reminds them of their existence as nothing more than a fleshy fuck puppet that I control every string of. That includes that little thing between its legs, which is all locked up in my plastic cage. All this slut wants to do is lick my tall leather high heel skin tight boots, but sluts don’t always get what they want. First I make it sit down on my dildo chair so it can feel full while I have fun playing with it. Then I slap it and make it beg to worship my long leather gloves. Next I abuse its face, mouth and throat with my extra-long hand held dildo before I spit in its face a few times. Such a shame (*sarcasm*) for this little boot slut to be so close to what it wants (my boots), but it’s only allowed to kiss the dong that was just shoved up its hole! It’s so nice to have human toys to play with!


Sensual Domination – Goddess Cheyenne – Captive male Desires

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I have him chained and bound. I decide what he gets and when he gets it ! I tease the boy relentlessly with My body , seductively transitioning from one lascivious pose to another until he is rock hard. The captive male is so easily manipulated by visual stimulation. I decide to take control of the very air he breathes. My weighted rope is placed around his neck , his labored breathing ,limited. I constrict his cock and balls with rings of steel. I wrap around him from behind and produce two Hitachi wands . I trap the tender head of his cock between them on the highest setting it will go ! My Body pressed against him and My Long Muscular Fishnet Clad Legs embrace him on each side as he shudders and shakes from his uncontrollable reaction ! A Scorching Hot Scene of Sensual Domination !


Cock Tease – Mistress Roberta – Nipple play -cock experiment

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Today my subby boyfriend is passing tough an experiment that came in my mind playing with him . I wanted to see after how long he would have precum if i play with his nipples so i did for some time and when i got bored i just let him there waiting for me but the precum he gave me it was not enough i could barely see it so i decided to leave .


Body Worshipping – Bizarre Goddesses – Goddess Andreea secured her toilet for feeding

Bizarre Goddesses  Goddess Andreea secured her toilet for feeding  preview

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Goddess Andreea was coming home and her slave must obey all her needs. This will include to worship her body, pussy and asshole. She feel so full because she eat with her girlfriends and now she must empty her bowels into her toilet slave throat. To be sure that everything will be ok she secured her toilet on the floor and she will use his mouth and face to feed him her .