Physical Domination – Domina Planet – No Escape Allowed – Goddess Raevyn Rose

Domina Planet  No Escape Allowed   Goddess Raevyn Rose preview

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Goddess Raevyn Rose keeps a stable of several slaves – either permanently or under contract.She keeps them in bondage almost 24/7 and they know that attempting to escape will bring DIRE consequences. Not that most are tempted; She is an amateur wrestler, weightlifter and has been steeped in marital arts since She was a young girl and holds several black belts. Not to mention the fact that this one is still in bondage, rest deprived, beaten and half-starved.
Still, this foolish slave attempts to escape and of course Raevyn’s motion detector and cameras pick him up immediately. She rushes in and takes him down immediately, using Her knees and body to put him in a scissor hold. She squeezes him relentlessly, over and over, rolling him around and yanking on his chain, while he flails helplessly. She uses the chain to pull his arms back and up behind him, twisting his shoulders and causing him to scream in agony. She stands on top of him, sits on his face, smothers him and puts him various holds and pins.
It really isn’t much of a contest, as he flops around like a rag doll. He objected to being turned into a toilet slave for Her (supposedly his reason for escape), and so She announces that his duties will be increased to also include pleasuring Her studs and training Her sissies, as She pulls him up to a monster cock that She has suctioned to the wall of Her dungeon. She leaves him but the end of the clips has some great footage of Goddess Raevyn posing on the pig’s prone form. Great physical domination of a pathetic slave.