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Posted: July 13, 2021
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Mistress An Li  Better When Bound  Part I preview

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Immobilizing you piece by piece. Taking away your freedom with every bit of restraint I apply to your body. Removing your ability to see, feel, touch, and move. You know that’s how I like it. The more gear, the better.
Let’s start with your head. A tight latex hood with only a breathing hole for you. No vision, no smell outside of the sleek rubber, and hearing obscured. Then I’ll layer on a gas mask to really add in the sensation of dizzying compression and loss of the senses. What am I going to use that gas mask for?
Next up, a strict leather straitjacket secured to your crotch through a cock ring. Did you think you were going to use your hands or arms? No, silly, that’s for humans, not for bondage pets.
I’ll lie you down and restrain your head in the head immobilizer. No moving your head from side to side to say no! I bet you’re starting to feel a little bit claustrophobic now…
Feet bound in shiny patent PVC ballet boots, padlocked tight to thigh cuffs, and spread wide with a spreader bar. Straitjacket arms used to bind your feet to your thighs for additional support. Balls tied to the spreader bar, and E-stim electrodes attached to your cock shaft and to your balls…
A slow descent into bondage.
Features: bondage setup, bondage male, extreme bondage, strict bondage, leather straitjacket, gas mask, rubber/latex hood, PVC ballet boots, spreader bar, breathplay, tease and denial, cock tease, chest sitting, leather bondage, predicament bondage, CBT, cock and ball , leather fetish, rubber fetish


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