Taboo – Goddess Natalie starring in video ‘Face sitting and ignoring your stupid ass’

  Goddess Natalie starring in video Face sitting and ignoring your stupid ass preview

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I noticed how much you loved seeing my slave being ignored and used as a foot stool while I did my thing and paid zero attention to you, too. So I figured it might be time for us to take things a little further and make him suffer a little more for my pleasure.
I don’t like it when slaves feel too comfortable and although him getting bruised knees is fun, I like ch*king him a lot more. And I know you’d absolutely love it if I sat on your face and ch0ked you, too, while I relaxed and watched TV. Isn’t that so, loser?
Too bad that I’m not planning to pay any attention to you, nor talk to you at all in this little clip here all you’ll get is to watch silently, while you stroke and imagine it is you in his place. And then you’ll fucking thank me for it with a tribute! Is that clear?