Feet slave – THE MEAN GIRLS – Goddess Platinum, Princess Mia – Permission Denied

THE MEAN GIRLS  Goddess Platinum Princess Mia  Permission Denied preview

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Princess Mia and I got woken up by our stupid foot freak slave that we left strapped in at the end of our bed and OMG can you believe it had the balls to wake us up to ask us if it could leave? Like seriously we have slaves begging to be locked up at the end of our bed and this freak wants to leave? Wow!!! We ask it why it wanted to leave every slaves dream position and apparently it had a Goddess that it was supposed to go serve… Oh realllly? Huh well too damn bad for it we own it. We could get rid of this loser like pronto and nobody would care or even notice.
We decide to put this pathetic excuse for a male to work and make it think long and hard about if it really wants to leave. Not that we are going to actually let it leave the Mean Girl Manor, but if it actually decided it wanted to leave we would never allow it to come back. Let’s face it, the Mean Girls are this freaks only reason for living. Some wannabe, fake ass goddess will never ever come close to satisfying its needs. That goddess will never beat or punish it to keep it in line like it needs. It would try to come crawling back in less then a week. LOL!
Princess Mia and I force it to worship our feet. Once it got a chance to sniff and lick our feet it couldn’t think about anything other then our amazing feet. We gagged it so hard over and over and then rubbed all its nasty drool all over its ugly face. We literally got it foot dr*nk with our perfect feet.

By the time Princess Mia and I are done teasing and torturing this restrained slave it is a puddle and in foot heaven. Hahaha this submissive little bitch didn’t even want to leave by then or ever again.

I bet you would love to be our little foot bitch locked in at the end of our bed wouldn’t you? Reach out to me and if you are obedient then maybe I will allow you to come serve us at the Mean Girl Manor.