Foot Domination – THE MEAN GIRLS – Office Footboy Punishment – Goddess Platinum and Princess Amber

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Office Footboy Punishment   Goddess Platinum and Princess Amber  preview

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So I am walking into my office extra early one morning where Amber is already waiting for me at the American Mean Girls Corporate headquarters, and I can’t find my work pumps that I left under my desk last night! They stunk so bad that I left them there to air out and wore my tennis shoes home from the office. But they aren’t there anymore!
We both have noticed that one of the office boys literally stares at our feet constantly when we are in the office. So we walk into the break room- and there he is, NAKED and on his knees MASTURBATING while inhaling my foot-scent from the inside of my work pumps!
Well, we will have NONE of that! So we drag the office foot-loser into a cubicle and decide to teach him a lesson. If he wants to masturbate so much to the smell of my perfect feet, we will MAKE him do it- for OUR entertainment! I make him lay on his back and jerk off while I am practically standing on his face with my nylon-covered feet, so he can get as much of my “foot scent” as he can handle! LOL
Meanwhile, Amber stands menacingly between his legs- with her dangerous stilettos still on.
We decide to play a little game with this office foot freak. He will masturbate when WE say so! And he will STOP when we say so too! AND, he ALSO has to tell us when he is just about to cum- so Amber can STOP him by STOMPING on his little hard-on!! What a hilarious game…for US!
We bring this foot freak RIGHT up to the point of orgasm over and over again…only to make him STOP and stomp on his dick while we LAUGH at him! We tease him and keep making him think “ok maybe this time we will actually let you cum, you freak…”
But do we?? Or do we deny him the opportunity to cum AND do something even WORSE to him?? (SPOILER ALERT: When we are finally done with him, after he is COMPLETELY frustrated and humiliated, we make sure he will never get a hard-on in the office AGAIN! No matter HOW much he smells the inside of our shoes! LOL!)