Shoe Cleaning – Czech Soles – Foot slave training under Madam Cat’s feet

 Czech Soles  Foot slave training under Madam Cats feet  preview

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Foot slaves today has no skills, no class. They need to be trained and ruled with a strong hand, they need to crawl at their goddess’s feet and beg for the chance to be allowed to at least lick their goddess’s shoe bottoms! Madam Cat has a new foot slave now and he’s absolutely incompetent. Such a looser who at least obeys to her every word but he can’t even lick her shoes clean properly. Let’s how he can at least worship her feet so Madam Cat is happy with him. Otherwise he’s be finished here soon! Incompetent foot slaves are useless! Madam Cat has so sweaty feet today…what all the other foot boys would give to be allowed to smell and kiss and worship her godlike big and sweaty feet. But this one will learn! Madam Cat will make sure of it. Especially when her friend Megan is coming next week for a visit and this slave better not disappoint her nor Megan. That would cost him dearly!!!