Sissy Training – Superior Woman starring in video ‘I Think For You’

Superior Woman starring in video I Think For You preview

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You just become so mesmerized and no longer think for yourself. I make better choices for you anyway. All you have to do is edge for my hot body & listen to my sweet voice as I penetrate your mind. Just follow my orders – carry out every instruction. All you need to do is listen and stroke as you fall deeper into mesmerisation mode becoming transfixed on every inch on me. All sorts of pervy thoughts run through your mind as I impregnate triggers deep into your brain. I really do control your thoughts. I choose what you stroke too, turning you into a little robot, programming your mind to carry out my orders. It’s gone beyond stroking, I control every aspect of your life. Not just your cock! My mindless puppet. It feels good having no other responsibilities than to mindlessly serve me. I love emptying your mind sending you into a stroke frenzy. How good does it feel to have me constantly in your thoughts, spending your days permanently aroused by me. It’s like a constant thrill. Do you even know what reality is anymore? Your mind has crossed over the boundaries into fantasy world and its never going back. I think for you now, you live a life of constant mind fuck now. Your mind is just full of me – full of Mistress mind fuck! Because I think for you…