Whipping – Mistress Renee Trevi starring in video ‘YOU WILL ACCEPT EVERYTHING I GIVE YOU WITH GRATITUDE’ of ‘DomNation’ studio

Mistress Renee Trevi starring in video YOU WILL ACCEPT EVERYTHING I GIVE YOU WITH GRATITUDE of DomNation studio preview

556 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:06:28

After a 3 year hiatus, we are extremely excited to have the magnificent Russian Goddess Renee Trevi back in our studio. Mistress Renee offers a very unique style of Domination, which deeply explores and manipulates the primal, psychological and spiritual aspects of control and Female Supremacy.
This is the follow up video to Mistress Renee’s immensely popular Female Domination clips “There Is Only Pain In Resistance” and “Your Body Is My Playground”. Enjoy!
Mistress Renee Trevi trains her slave’s to surrender their bodies to her Dominant Desires, and to appreciate and be thankful for anything and everything that she bestows upon them. Whether it be pleasure, or pain. This Goddess can giveth, as well as taketh away, and so one must show gratitude for every gift and privilege she allows you.
In this video Mistress Renee first puts her helpless slave through an intense pain session with a heavy hard wood paddle. With each painful blow to his exposed ass, her devoted slave squeals in agony, but so too does he thank his Mistress for her divine gift of pain. Strike after excruciating strike, he must surrender himself to the pain…surrender himself to his Mistress’ wishes…surrender or be broken.
Pleased with her pet’s devotion and willingness to suffer for her, she instructs him to lie on the floor beneath her, as she sits atop her magnificent white leather throne. Utilizing nothing more than her sexy stilettos, she teases and tantalizes him effortlessly, as she seductively runs her heels across his body. Ever so softly at first, but then without warning, her razor sharp heels find their way to his sensitive nipples and dig deep into his flesh.
To be so close to his beautiful Goddess is a privilege, whether she is administering pain, or pleasure. Either way, it is time spent with Goddess, and divine gifts from his Mistress. And he must be thankful for every ounce of attention she affords him.