Feet – Stella Liberty – Foot Slave Show Down

Stella Liberty  Foot Slave Show Down  preview

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Stella has two cherished foot slaves but she can only keep one of them so she comes up with a way to decide between them. She gathers them together and pits them against one another in a foot slave show down. They must compete with one another for the position of her personal foot boy in training. Each must worship a foot and she will grade them based on how well they lick between her toes, suck them and polish her soles with their tongues. After a while it becomes apparent that the two slaves are not pleased by this exercise and they start trying to out-do one another and throw the other guy off his game. She compares the size of their tongues, their gag reflexes and their usability. Finally she challenges them to make her cum just from sucking her toes, whomever can get her to the point of ecstasy will stay and the other one will be dismissed forever. But the tables get turned when both tongues on her feet send her over the edge and she decides to keep them both!