Dual Domination – The Mean Girls – American Ballbusting – Goddess Platinum, Princess Amber and Princess Sklyar

 The Mean Girls  American Ballbusting   Goddess Platinum Princess Amber and Princess Sklyar  preview

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This is simply one of the best ballbusting clips we have ever shot. All 3 of us (Me, Princess Skylar, and Princess Amber) are dressed in our hottest “Red, White, and Blue” outfits to torment our slave’s balls. We are wearing k1lller thigh-high boots to protect our feet so we can SLAM our feet into this loser’s balls AS HARD AS POSSIBLE.
We each take turns kicking our slave in the balls as hard as we can in multiple positions.
By the end the poor slave’s balls are BROKEN and SWOLLEN.
And we include a bunch of really cool “super slo-mo” kicks too, for your viewing pleasure!
We can tell he is scared for his life (especially when we put him in certain very vulnerable positions haha) but we don’t care! We can do whatever we want to Our slaves. And we feel like kicking this loser’s balls up into its stomach.
Watch this clip and send me an email to tell me who you think the hardest ballbuster is! lol